New to WATM?

Welcome to We Approve This Message

We've created this page to give you a flavour of WATM and give you a chance to understand what it's all about and why we hope you'll listen.

What is WATM?

The We Approve This Message Podcast is a bi-weekly-ish (does that mean every two weeks? because that’s what we mean) podcast produced by your not-so-humble servants Timmy P and Huge Tooms (perhaps more commonly known as Tom Page and Rick Toomer).

We’ve been talking about the news, global politics, cocktails, transport, elections, technology, war, and stuff like that since 2009, initially in blog form but since we mastered the written word we moved on to the oral.

We cover stuff that’s in the news, stuff that we think should be in the news, and stuff that nobody thinks should be in the news, but which we find interesting nonetheless.

Where can I get WATM?

Rick recommends using iTunes because he’s an Apple idiot.  Tom is a different type of idiot and is iTunes-phobic so recommends you listen to the podcast feed through a program such as Listen or just by using the players built into the homepage.

What kind of politics do you espouse?

That’s too difficult a question to answer.  Best to listen to a few episodes and make your own minds up.  In the meantime here are a few pointers where we can both agree:

  • We believe Tony Blair to be the best Prime Minister Labour has had
  • We do not believe that David Cameron is the devil incarnate, but we do not believe his Government has set the UK on the right course, and he has taken some terrible decisions
  • We believe President Obama’s administration has been pretty disappointing so far
  • We believe President Bush was a bad president, but not for the reasons that most people do
  • Gordon Brown’s role in saving the world economy will be judged exemplary in the fullness of time, but the rest of his premiership was a disappointment
  • The role of the public sector in the delivery of services is important but should not be a matter of ideology
  • North Korea’s regime is the most despicable on Earth (although Burma and many others vie for this position)
  • The United States is mostly a force for good in the world
  • We are sceptical about the European Union in the best sense of the word, but absolutely committed to the ECHR that gels European countries together.
  • Human rights should never be undermined
  • Sometimes military action is better than doing nothing
  • We hold Nick Clegg in particular contempt

What do you both do when you’re not doing WATM?

Tom is a strategic planner for a transport organisation (hence Tommy’s Transport Time) and Rick works in press and policy for an aviation trade union (hence his devotion to planes and airports)

However, please remember that all the ill-conceived and ill-thought out views expressed in any WATM are our own and almost certainly don't reflect those held by anyone in whose employ we happen to be.

Is the podcast free?

Amazingly, we have been asked this question.  Yes, it is free!

How often does an episode come out?

We try and make a new show every 2 weeks, but sometimes there is a longer gap, especially when one of us is on holiday.

What is a Micro-WATM?

When we know there will be a big gap between episodes we sometimes record a Micro-WATM which is a one-segment show for your enjoyment (sic).

Who is Bad Mood Suze?

She sometimes makes us dinner and always gets in a bad mood about it. And she's got to clean the flat sometime™.

Where do you make the podcast

Usually at our South London Studios, a very expensive and high-tech facility that most certainly isn’t either of the duo’s home.

What are the semi-regular features

  • WATM: FLATM/SHATM : Feedback
  • Mediaquestnitech:  Technology and the media
  • Tommy’s Transport Time: Tommy talking about transport, interminably (Boooooooooo!)
  • WATM’s Wrong With That?:  Our version of the Moral Maze; less Burke, more berk.

Can I be a correspondent?

Yes!  You can always send us feedback, ideas for topics etc to  If you’d also like to record a few minutes of audio for our consideration too you may get lucky and get on the show.  Why not drop us an email first with your idea and we’ll tell you what we think.