Saturday, 6 August 2011

The WATM Podcast Episode 29

Taoiseach Enda Kenny
The Enda faith-based politics
For whom does the bell toll? It's solemn time at WATM studios as we cover two serious topics - it's always a tough gig if we rely on the Global Election Forum for laughs. Really pleased with this edition, so give it a whirl. We cover:
  • Enda Kenny and the Vatican
  • The dire situation in Somalia
  • Singaporean presidential elections
Listen by: Or listen through this page: Donate to the Somalia appeal through MSF or DEC:
Médecins Sans Frontières Disasters Emergency Committee


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that boys! I'm a UK listener and I enjoyed (if one can use this positive term here) your discussion of both Ireland and Somalia in recent politics. I sympathised with your sentiments with respect to both disasters (the famine and the ethical idiocy of the Vatican), however I did feel you might have been more specific about what parts of Somolia in particular are most affected by the famine. Likewise, I found your discussion of the division of the country into distinct 'pseudo-states' slightly confusing. One suggestion for a future podcast: an informed discussion of charities, their importance and their disadvantages when it comes to such disasters. Also: I wonder if all parts of the UN have been such a disaster in relation to Somalia: can a distinction be made between the peace keeping forces and UNHCR? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE POPE! You bastards.