Friday, 5 December 2008

Grow up Tories, would you please?

I think we need to settle down a little. And the Tories in Parliament need to get a grip.

While it is depressingly expected for assorted wrong-mos (© Sadie of the Tavern) on the blogosphere to self-combust in an explosion of indignation any time the Government does something they don't like and start shouting words like NAZI!!!!!! and POLICE STATE!!!!!!!!!!! it really has come to something when the official opposition start to react the same way.

Let us be clear, the police's searching of Damien Green MP's office may (let me emphasise may) have been badly handled, poorly judged and ill-conceived. It may have contravened important parliamentary privileges. But it is not, under any circumstances, whatsoever, evidence of a "surveillance state", "police state" or an "authoritarian government".

I think those who start bleating along those lines make themselves look foolish and diminish their own arguments, but that is not my concern. It is, however, my concern that that kind of language is extraordinarily offensive.

Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Cuba are authoritarian, surveillance and police states. The Soviet Union, East Germany and Afghanistan under the Taliban were and for those who live and lived under those regimes their life and the minute scrutiny and rigid conformism that they endured really cannot be compared to the inconvenience Mr Green has suffered. There are honest to goodness examples of police states in the world right now and they are each of them despicable and the rulers of them deserve nothing but contempt and the citizens of which deserve nothing but our help and admiration. The UK is not one.

So this approved message to the Tory Party is grow up. This kind of hysteria does nobody any good at all and diminishes the language which we dearly need to describe the kinds of regimes under which my writing this post would not be allowed.


Anonymous said...

Damn right!

Anonymous said...

It's true that they should be shutting up a bit, but it isn't really a problem with the Tories is it? Would any of the major parties be acting any differently were they in opposition and this had happened to them? They're all as bad as each other as far as I can see!