Thursday, 23 October 2008

Where's Obama from again?

I have seen precisely two signs of the election even happening here in the Windy City, let alone Chicago's devotion to its favourite son. I walked the streets today for a good number of hours, and I saw only one person wearing an Obama sticker, and I saw one advert on TV for Sen. Durbin's re-election campaign last night. That's it.

Now, I am currently in a big city, and I had previously been travelling around more rural and suburban areas so there is a difference there, but I was expecting banners, shouting throngs, people handing out Obama swag on street corners etc. And I was hoping to stock up, but no such luck.

Maybe all the Obamanicas have all headed east to Indiana and Ohio where their services are certainly more in need. Moving bodies and bucks around is an important part of election strategising.

Speaking of which, I am astonished, frankly, that McCain has pulled out of some states he needs to win (Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa) , and has focused on Pennsylvania, which I just cannot see him winning. Meanwhile, Obama is putting money into solidly red states, because he has got cash on the hip. Lots and lots of it.

James Carville famously said that Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between. So we might see a little bit of pandering to that demographic in the coming days, and I think we all know how that might manifest itself.

That's all for now. Thoughts, from Michigan from tomorrow.

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