Monday, 20 October 2008

Sign up, and show you disapprove

One of the reasons not to vote for Mr McCain should be his choice of running mate. Firstly, his choice shows a stunning lack of judgement on his part, and his advanced age and dodgy medical past could result in a Palin presidency. I am sure that you will be able to surmise the many reasons we think such a possibility genuinely terrifying.

Driving along a beautiful stretch of coastal road near Duluth, northern Minnesota, lined by large, clap-board, American homes, I noted how many of them were proudly displaying lawn signs for their respective favoured candidates; not just presidential, but congressional, state representatives and even more local positions.

There were around an equal number of Obama and McCain signs, but I was stuck by the several who had planted signs with McCain's name but not that of his running mate.

I wonder if this is the way they had chosen to display their lack of faith in the Republican Veep candidate. Surely there must be many Americans who are disappointed by McCain's choice to the extent that they would consider turning away from him. There must be some who considered his experience and knowledge as many years a Senator as key to his appeal, which must necessarily be undermined by Gov. Palin's obvious lack of those qualities.

To be fair, those Minnesota residents had probably just got hold of an old yard sign from before the Republican had announced his Vice Presidential candidate, but I would be heartened to think that his supporters were showing their displeasure in their own small way.

And on the way home I saw a dead moose on a truck. No joke. I really did.

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